Newsletters 2021

Newsletter Nr.06 / 2021

Total AME sales in 2021 increased compared to the previous year to EUR 9,009,434, which represents more than 13% increase. Against all the global market situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we can consider the sales result of 2021 as positive and hopefully setting the right direction.


Newsletter Nr.05 / 2021

AME finished cooperation with Turkish company KALE OTO RADYATOR with ending day of December 31, 2021.


Newsletter Nr.04 / 2021

AME introduced a new edition of AME Brochure Nr. 11.


Newsletter Nr.03 / 2021

AME signed a new contract with company TYLL CZ



Newsletter Nr.02 / 2021

AME Budget meeting 2022



Newsletter Nr.01 / 2021

We are glad to introduce a new Partner of AME – company Fras-Le from Brazil.