Newsletters 2013

Newsletter Nr. 10/2013

We would like to inform you, that Auto Market Experts & Auto Expert Czech magazine organized the 1st Conference of Auto Experts Academy in Prague last week. The Conference was hold on November 13, in the Hotel Diplomat Prague, Czech Republic. The mission of the Conference was introduce the Academy project to potential Partners – producers of spare parts – which showed previous interest in participation on that huge project of professional education program of mechanics and workshop managers. During following two-three months, realization team will finish total Academy agenda including education materials, media, website, brochures, books, etc. Since February 2014, we are starting with official presentation of Academy concept to selected distributors in Eastern Europe and Russia, which will be interested in. In case of your interest about Academy presentation, please contact our Sales Managers to agree on concrete schedule. Basic information about Academy concept you can find in our introduction brochure (see attachment).


Participated companies at the 1st Academy Conference in Prague:


Newsletter Nr. 9/2013




We are glad to inform you that our business partner, company BREDA LORETT from Italy, just received final Certificate of ISO/TS 16949. By this Certificate we can prove the highest quality level of different kind of tension bearings designed by company LORETT S.P.A. Italy, which are produced according original specification of the Vehicle Manufacturers. Every OEM/OES producer of spare parts must have ISO TS 16949 in case of manufacturing or supplying of any Vehicle Manufacturers on the World. Actually, this is the highest level of quality standards required by the Worldwide Automotive Industry.

Let us remind that from our present business partners there are more companies which achieved the highest quality standards approved by Certificate ISO/TS 16949:

  • FREMAX, Brazil (brake discs and drums and brake pads producer)
  • FRAP, Italy (steering and suspension parts producer)
  • LIZARTE, Spain (remanufacturer of steering racks and pumps)
  • WANRAY, China (producer of different spare parts for Automotive Industry)

Finished cooperation on March 31. 2015.


Newsletter Nr. 8/2013




We are glad to introduce you expanded product range and NEW catalogues of our three Partners, companies BREDA LORETT from Italy, INTER STARTER from Poland and MILLARD FILTERS from Spain.

BREDA LORETT new catalogue of distribution kits with water pumps 

INTER STARTED new catalogues:

Starters & Alternators: 

 Air Flow Meters: 

Fuel Pumps: 

MILLARD FILTERS new catalogue of filters Kits: 



Newsletter Nr. 7/2013

Company is a company with commercial and production activities, which have started it’s commercial activity twenty years ago. The activities have been extended by production in 2001. The company produces and fills petrochemical products on the highest quality level in its own premises in Alekšince, near city Nitra in Slovakia. There are complete range of motor oils, lubricants, technical liquids, car chemicals and car cosmetics.

The assortment of the company is merchandised in the market under brand name DYNAMAX. Customers can recognize the products not only thanks to their high quality, but also thanks to attractive design of the packaging, which was awarded by Red Dot Design Award in 2012. The company quality management process is running in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 standards. Besides the sales of products under DYNAMAX brand there is a possibility to supply the customers also in private branded packaging.
For more information please visit the company website:



Newsletter Nr. 6/2013

Auto Market Experts would like to introduce you our new Sales Manager, Mr. Titi Piftor from Romania.

Titi Piftor, Sales Manager
Responsible for sales in Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Greece
Practice in Automotive Aftermarket: Sales manager of METEOR Romania, Commercial Director of TROST Romania, Sales Manager of INTERCARS Romania
Language skills: EN, RO
Mobile: +40 754 339 260




Newsletter Nr. 5/2013


MILLARD FILTERS began its activity in the American market in 1999. Over the years it has become a benchmark brand, due to its attractive design, extraordinary quality and selected range of products. From there it expanded into different markets, where it has been winning the preferences of clients and customers constantly. Millard was launched in the European market in 2003. Today the brand has a significant presence in the markets of three continents and continues its expansion. Millard's technical and sales knowledge allows it to supply their clients with high quality, environmentally-friendly products, continuous advice, and proven marketing tools in order to sell the range successfully. Millard has two modern factories in China which are ready supply by containers (CIF Hamburg) every exclusive partner in the East Europe and Russia.

Millard attractive offer includes:
a) The highest quality filters covering the majority of European and Asian car park
b) Special patented packaging of sets of filters
c) Beautiful packaging of simple piece of filter
d) Very strong marketing support
e) Exclusive agreement for certain country or region

We would like to offer MILLARD FILTERS to real specialists who are looking for really exclusive brand.





Newsletter Nr. 4/2013

FREMAX is leading Brazilian producer of premium quality brake discs, brake drums and brake pads, using HI-TECH innovative technology of the latest generation. FREMAX has been chosen by Mitsubishi Motors Brazil for OEM supplier of brake discs and drums. All Mitsubishi vehicles assembled in Brazil are equipped by FREMAX products in both axels.
New logo’s aesthetic revitalization, FREMAX strengthens its competitive image with emphasis on Carbon+ technology, which now becomes the brand’s signature. Present in the chemical composition of all its product lines, this important differential makes the FREMAX disc brake the only one with higher carbon content than all other conventional brake discs. That’s why also PORSCHE GT3 cars are equipped exclusively by FREMAX brake disc.

FREMAX extraordinary offer includes:
a) All brake discs (more than 1500 references) includes high carbon composite materials which increase performance of the discs, increase heat conduction and prolonging its life time
b) All brake discs has special patented machining surface, which help to create optimal friction power between pads & discs much earlier as in case of standard surfaces
c) All brake discs are ready to fit immediately, due to its dry surface and corrosion resistance
d) All brake discs body are painted in black
e) All brake discs are packed in universal patented plastic box with vacuum system
f) All brake pads (more than 700 references) are produced according European standards (ECE R90), equipped by anti-vibration plates, necessary springs and accessories
g) All products are ready to supply from FREMAX German stock with very high availability
h) All products has very attractive introduction price guaranteed by AME





Newsletter Nr. 3/2013



Company INTER STARTER is a young trader, established only six years ago in Polish city Gdynia. Within this short time INTER STARTER become one of the leading European companies in trade of starters and alternators. Auto Market Experts, Ltd. is an official representative of INTER STARTER developing business program in 24 countries of the Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia.

This beautiful business program is covering full range of: starters, alternators, starters & alternators parts, electric fuel pumps and air flow meters. INTER STARTER is offering excellent service, flexible delivery, 100% warranty, professional commercial & technical support and attractive prices. For Distributors which haven’t experience with this part of business and maybe hesitating by decision to start or not by electric parts program, INTER STARTER is offering possibility to return complete first stock order within first 12 months. But maybe the most interesting motivation for any Distributor could be much higher margin on starters & alternators as on traditional spare parts... Read more on




Newsletter Nr. 2/2013

Italian Manufacturer of steering and suspension components was founded in 1932. It is a family-run business highly specialised in engineering, developing and manufacturing suspension arms, ball joints, steering linkages, stabilizer links and silent-blocs for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, tractors and special applications. FRAP-OEM high technology levels and quality standards have brought many important first-equipment customers such as FIAT, ALFA ROMEO, PEUGEOT, MCLAREN, LAMBORGHINI, KTM, PIAGGIO, etc. Read more on

FRAP prepared a great program of AUDI/ŠKODA/VW suspension kit in three packages:



Newsletter Nr. 1/2013


We are very pleased to introduce you our first three Partners, European Producers of spare parts, which already reached the highest level of Automotive Industry quality standards, ISO TS 16949. All three Producers are well known companies in the West Europe with own history. We are very proud, that Auto Market Experts received their full trust and since now we can officially introduce and represent them on territory of the Central & Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia.


FRAP is an Italian Manufacturer of steering and suspension components founded in 1932. It is a family-run business highly specialised in engineering, developing and manufacturing suspension arms, ball joints, steering linkages, stabilizer links and silentblocs for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, tractors and special applications. FRAP-OEM high technology levels and quality standards have brought many important first-equipment customers such as FIAT, ALFA ROMEO, PEUGEOT, MCLAREN, LAMBORGHINI, KTM, PIAGGIO, etc. Maybe you can read more on


BREDA LORETT is an Italian Manufacturer of belt tensioners and transmission kits, thrust bearings, wheel bearings and kits, shock absorber bearings and plugs, dampers. The products in the BREDA LORETT catalogue can be applied to 90% of European car production. The company serves 50 countries throughout the World. BREDA LORETT products represent the highest quality standrads required by Automotive Industry. Maybe you can read more on


LIZARTE is a Spanish Manufacturer of car spare parts since 1973 and offers a wide range of steering racks, power steering racks, air conditioning compressors, Citroen suspension spheres, diesel injection components and car electronic components. All products are manufactured following the quality standards certified by ISO TS 16949 or ISO 9001. With the remanufactured products LIZARTE guarantees the objective of maximum quality, respect to the environment and optimum use of resources. Maybe you can read more on

Finished cooperation on April 10. 2014.